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Customer Comments

We have created this page for the purpose of all of our customer comments from a selection of our courses. Please browse to get a feel for how other people view these courses.

Premises Licence

"Hi Bill
I would strongly recommend your services. With your knowledge the process to obtain a premises licence was very straightforward efficient and effective. I was informed every step of the way and am very pleased with how everything went.
I am now looking forward to starting my new season being fully licenced.
Thank you 
Kind regards 

(January 2023)  


New Premises Licence Granted 21/04/2022


"Hi Bill
That’s brilliant news, thank you so much for all your help with this process.
Kind regards

Marwell Wildlife Park

"Hi Bill,
Thanks so much for all the help, you made the process very easy and efficient! I’ve recommended you to a few others
Many thanks,

(Rob, Lukins Stud farm, 27th October 2021)

"After a bit of digging I emailed Monmouthshire Council again and explained that the previous owners did have a Premises Licence and I would be prepared to pay any fees outstanding to transfer to me. The have got back to me and yes the licence was only suspended in 2019 if I pay £180 they can transfer to me. Thank you so much for letting me know I could pay any outstanding fees, its saved me a lot of money and a headache.
Kind regards"

(Penny, Penelope Cafe, 22nd February 2021)

"Hi Bill and Jackie
That is absolutely fabulous, thank you so much for helping us through the process and getting us to a Premises Licence and able to kick start our business.
Fantastic, we will raise a glass to you tonight- cheers
Wild Carrot
"Hi Bill
Just to let you know that due to your fine tuition I have passed. Will be in touch a bit later but thank you for what you do and making it fun. I teach young co pilots and the only way to learn is as you demonstrate with a bit of fun and banter.
All the best

(Henry, 22nd January 2024)

“Live and Learn have been amazing through the whole process, the training provided was well constructed, informative and enjoyable!”

(Aaron, 26th January 2024)

"I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic training session today. I found it very informative, and our covered topics were all relevant to the exam. Bill you are an excellent tutor with a great sense of humour!"

(Matt Hanley, ​12th February 2024)

Personal Licence Courses
"Thank you so much for your help, support and patience with me on Monday.  I am truly grateful."
(Emma Hunt, 8th April 2024)
"Very thorough and easy to follow course, Jackie was great."
(Claire Highland, BDM, Pendley Manor Hotel, 10th April 2024)
"Hi Jackie Thank you so much for my course and exam. You were the best teacher I’ve ever had"

(Jasmine, 5th January 2024)

"Amazing delivery of the course! Thank you Jackie"

(Andrejauskas, University College Oxford, 18th October 2023)

"Jackie was very helpful and friendly and I really enjoyed the day"

(Sandy Rai, University College Oxford, 18th October 2023)


"Hi Jackie
Thanks very much for yesterday – really enjoyed it ! It was also a lovely setting.
Many thanks

(Public course, Royal Oak Midhurst, 22nd June 2023)

"It's been a great training day, thank you very much, I’ll certainly be back to you guys when I need more people trained."
(Georgie, 28th March 2023, Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare)


"Was a great day, learned plenty. Jackie provided plenty of info and was extremely helpful."

(Savanna, 28th March 2023, Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare)

"Hi Bill,
I’ve just received my Personal Licence  and I’d like to thank you for your help with the whole process especially as it was super quick.
Thank You"
(Bryce, 3rd February 2023)
"Hi Jackie,
It was lovely to meet you too & I thoroughly enjoyed the course so thankyou for that. 
Thankyou also for the training record & age recognition policy docs. 
They will be very helpful in making sure we are all up to scratch."

(Karly, Hogs Back Brewery, 31st January 2023)

"I found the training excellent yesterday, well presented and easy to understand. Thank you also for answering so many of my questions."

(Chelsea, 15th December 2022)

"Easy going day, I was made to feel at ease by Jackie, 10/10 I would recommend."
(Sophie, 10th August 2022)
"Excellent course, masses learnt. Thank you Jackie"

(Alex Wakeley, 10th August 2022)

"Very well led course by Jackie, which has provided me with valuable information that I will use in my work place, particularly on events and weddings. Thank you."

(Sophie Morris, May 2022, Hook Norton Brewery)


"Very good venue and very good tutor, clear and very well understood."

(Philip Richardson, May 2022, Hook Norton Brewery)

"May I take this opportunity to thank  Bill and Jackie for all their help and support. I have rarely seen an operation as efficient as this one. The course was really enjoyable and Bill is a fantastic presenter and extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. A you know we needed a quick turnaround as our little village fights to save its remaining pub, with your help and support we are well on track so don’t forget to come and see us if you are about."

(Ian Woollard FCA, 17th May 2022)

"Thanks, well pitched for the needs across the whole group. No patronising , welcoming trainer and clear delivery"
(Lisa, 14th March 2022, Canford School)
"Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the contents of it. The info was clear and I feel as though I have learnt a lot. Thank you Jackie"
(Bethony, 14th March 2022, Canford School)
"Hi Jackie
The course was great and you were amazing ! It was the perfect balance between being professional but not too serious.
Best wishes

(Ellie, Cardiff, 23rd February 2022)

"Very well structured day with lots of information, very useful for all the staff thank you"

(Robert Kennard, Country Inns, 9th February 2022)


"Very well explained and talked through, very patient and relaxed training environment. Thank you Jackie"

(Jack Gorman Red Lion, 9th February 2022)

"The course felt very personal and I enjoyed the informal yet professional tone of the day. It made it very easy to learn!
Thank you Jackie"

(Hannah, Country Inns, 9th February 2022)


"Thanks for this morning Jackie - a very helpful course structure and good tips! Your quiz questions definitely helped put me in the right mindset! Exam complete and a pass of 40/40!"

(Jessica Jhundoo Evans, 1st February 2022)

"Woohooo thank you so much! Really had a great day - I would recommend your training services to anyone"

(Mia Schroder, 16th November 2021)

"Good afternoon Bill
Firstly, thank you for your patience to my never ending questions, gaining insight from your valuable expertise and your humour to relax a nervous student! I have passed
Thank you"

(Karen Wellington, 6th October 2021)

"Amazing course and Jackie is super lovely and helpful"

(David Brieley, Wimborne, 14th September 2021)

"Hi Jackie
Thanks to you I passed with flying colours 38/40 correct
Your class was brilliant and informative and I appreciate how painless you made it."

(Beka, 31st July 2021)


"Hi Jackie I wanted to say that I liked your teaching style – “ here’s what you need to know to pass the exam and this is really handy out in the real world"
Thanks for all your help and these documents will be very useful."

(14th June 2021, Alex Angles)

"Hi Bill
Thank you so much for today!
I really enjoyed the course and passed with 37/40! So pleased!
Thanks for your help

(5th October 2020) 

"Hi Jackie
Your record remains intact I had a 40/40
Thanks for today, it was helpful and particularly as you made it relevant and highlighted issues based on participants intended use of the Personal licence.
Many thanks
Louis Hamilton" 

(4th August 2020)

"Hi Bill
Just to let you know I received my Personal Licence yesterday.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very friendly and comprehensive training given to me and for your expedient measures in processing my Personal Licence application on my behalf.
Wishing you every success in the future.
All the very best
Anita Shaw"

(3rd Nov 2020)

"Very nervous on the day, eased wonderfully by the tutor made to feel welcome and understood."
(Sharon Haines, 28th October 2020)
"Hey Jackie 
You’re a good teacher! I got 38 out of 40!! 
Will get all my documents to you tonight :)
Thanks again 
Ryan :)"

(15th July 2020)


"Hello Bill, Trust you are both well and just a big thank you from us all here for sorting the Bromley Barns premises Licence. Everything is selling well!
Kind regards
Alistair Bush"
"Amazing tutors and course, looked after us well and very friendly. No issues in asking questions at all and the pace was set to a really good standard. Very professional all round!!"

(Jenny Chapman, 23rd August 2020)

"Hi Jackie, 
Thank you for the training records, I’ve updated all of our staff now. 
Just to let you know I passed this mornings exam with 38 so a huge thank you for the course last week and the book I received in the post. 
Kind regards, Rhiannon"
(23rd June 2020)
"All very clear advance instructions, refreshments at the venue, and clear explanations from Bill, chances to ask questions too. Thank you"
(Nerys Brammer, 5th March 2020)
"Thank you for yesterday and your relaxed, interesting, helpful way of delivering a very content driven course."
(Jayne Smith, 4th March 2020)
"Hi Jackie, Thank you so much for today. Gosh it was a lot to take in but you made it so enjoyable. You are so knowledgeable! I have absolutely no idea how I fared in the exam but gave it my best shot!"
(Tanya Somerset, 3rd March 2020)
"I like that I’m able to ask Bill advice on applying for a premises licence in due course and ways I can do my ‘ Due Diligence’ with respect to allowing sub contractors to operate at our wedding venue when I’m not there."
(Charles Taylor, 27th February 2020)
"I felt really nervous coming in, however Bill made me feel very comfortable and overall I have learnt a lot that is going to help me at my work place."

(Emma Welch, 25th February 2020)

"Hi Jackie, Just wanted to say your husband Bill was amazing today. He was clear and precise in everything he taught us. Made us feel so very relaxed and very welcoming. Many courses can be boring but he made if feel really interesting . He was very helpful to both of us."
(Giovanni and Alberto, 31st December 2019) 


"Relaxed pace, very informative, lovely tutor. Thanks Jackie"
(Kelly Frost, 12th November 2019)
"Great speaker, fun and clear. Interacted with us and re caps were great as made us listen in order to be able to answer the questions. Really enjoyed it too. Thanks"
(Fatima Uddin, 28th October 2019)
"Very valuable information, thank you. Also thanks for the kind approach as English is not my native language."

(Omiz Saban, 10th September 2019)

"Thanks for the great course on Monday. I have been telling colleagues about how good it was, and will be booking another colleague onto the course in the near future."

(Hywel Ponting, July 2019)


"Bill was very friendly & welcoming, made learning easy"

(Hannah, July 2019)

"Very helpful, easy to understand and never boring, also very kind to help in the future."

(Alba, July 2019)



"Thank you so much for such an enjoyable and informative course session!  I really appreciate you sending through these documents and all of your assistance in obtaining my Personal License. Best regards, Rebecca"

(July 2019) 

"I had a meltdown due to my nerves and Jackie really calmed me down and helped me get through it."
(Suzanne Harris 4th March 2019)
"Jackie is a very good teacher. She has a calming manner and is very helpful with tips and advice."
(Carma Newell, 4th March 2019)
"All good and very informative. The delivery was brilliant and enthusiastic and kept us all interested throughout. Thank you"
(Laura White, 27th February 2019)
"Bill,your energy is fantastic! I have done many courses over the years and can honestly say that I have enjoyed this course and learnt a lot. A great group and an enjoyable day."
(Mel Hamer, 27th February 2019)
"The training I received for the Level 2 Licence was excellent. It was friendly , well targeted and personal and gave me the result I was seeking."
(Derek Ives, 1st February Farnham Park Golf Club)
"Jackie hosted an amazing and brilliant course and made all the participants feel at ease."(Kala Lanson, 31st January 2019)
"Food provided, Bill was very good at explaining the course. Very outgoing and made the course as interesting as possible. Regular breaks given to make us comfortable."

(Chris, 15th January 2019)

"Hi Bill and Jackie
I was so pleased with the course at the Crown and Sandys on Monday the 28th October.
The course instructor presented the information in a lively and innovative manner that kept everybody’s interest throughout the day. He clearly knew the subject matter inside and out and was totally helpful in every way, would definitely recommend."

(John Siviter, 28th October 2018)

"Bill has been a real character and wonderful, helpful and considerate to my dyslexia. Would highly recommend"

(Will Harding, 8th October 2018)

"I just wanted to say that I thought from my point of view yesterday’s seminar was excellent and your real life examples helped bolster my understanding of the course information. Thanks Jackie"
(Roger Blake, Shed Cider, 30th August 2018)
"Hi Jackie, Many thanks for the templates. Glad I came on your course. You made it so clear to me in 4 hours after spending 4 weeks being confused! Thank you"

(Lee Pollard, 30th April 2018)

"Felt extremely welcome. Great atmosphere, love the size of the class meaning we were able to communicate throughout."
(Grace Treder, 19th April 2018)
"Hi Jackie, Thank you very much for the good news and your excellent professional presentation and teaching.I will be in touch for further courses in the near future for both Gloucestershire and Devon. Many thanks again. Regards Jerry"
(Jerry English, Quality Inns, April 2018)
"Jackie, Many thanks for my PLH Cert. I’m delighted I passed the Course in Southmead the other week – and many thanks for all your help. I found the Course very useful, informative – and enjoyable. You have a good presentational style. If and when we eventually put some of our staff through this process we’ll definitely use your company. I’m now in the process of applying for the relevant licence; however, during our Course you said you’d be able to supply us with documentation we could get staff to read and sign so they can understand their rights, duties and responsibilities.  Can you email me a copy – and anything else you think might be useful?
Many thanks – and if you’re ever passing the Drapers Arms, pop in for a pint. Cheers"

(Garvan, January 2018)

"I definitely would recommend everyone owning a business to have one as it is extremely useful. Thank you Bill for an enjoyable time."
(Tony, 24th January 2018)
"Bill made me feel very welcome and at ease to ask questions. Bill is great at telling you how to apply the training in real life situations. Thank You!!"
(Kim, 22nd November 2017)
"I’ve enjoyed so much this course it’s been very eye opening and useful, Big thank you"

(Katia, 27th September 2017)


"Perfect, well delivered, very well explained and easily translated guidelines to help develop our business."

(Adam, 27th September 2017)

"Evening Bill, a massive thank you to Jackie for today's course. It was an absolute pleasure to meet Jackie, who was extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly,  and looked after me so well.  I can't thank you all so much for today. Worth every penny and more!! Kind regards Mike White"

(15th September 2017)

"Hello there,
Myself and my colleague Cindy Hansford attending (and subsequently passed) our training course on 23rd August at the Golden Bowler.
Thank you so much for sending our certificates, we are thrilled!
I wondered if it would be possible to get our full marks?  Would be good to know what we got wrong if that’s at all possible.
Also, the awesome Jackie said she would be able to send us a copy of an “Age Recognition” poster for display.  We would love to have one if possible.
Anyway, we are both in the process of applying for our DBS checks, and then we get to apply for our licence – we are both very happy and impressed with your training.
Thank you so much.

(Teena Munden, 23rd August 2017)

"Hello Bill and Jackie. I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing such an amazing learning experience. I really did enjoy my course yesterday with Bill and learnt so much. Bill was really genuine, friendly and very well informed. It made the whole experience such a pleasure, thank you so, so much"
(Maryanne, 8th June 2017)
"Great Instructor, never has alcohol provided so much fun without actually drinking!!"

(Jess Smart, 9th March 2017)


"I liked how Bill had a sense of humour and wasn’t too serious. Also like having a mock exam before the real one. All in all a very enjoyable experience."

(Demi, 9th March 2017)

"Bill was very enthusiastic with the slideshow and explaining everything to us. I was made to feel very welcome and learned a lot. Thanks Bill."

(Pairs Selman, 9th March 2017)

"Highly recommended - amazing instructors, friendly, provide after course support. Worth every penny and it's pretty much a guaranteed pass because they are such good instructors."
 (Dan Barber, 1st March 2017)
"Bill was very friendly and welcoming,the course was delivered thoroughly and made interesting."
 (Di Brewer, 28th February 2017)
"Excellent instructions prior to training, great course, interesting info, good pace, very relevant."

 (Sarah King, 7th September 2016)

"Valuable course that has answered many questions I had and will help me to run my event effectively. Bill was very personable and enthusiastic and made sure we all understood each topic."

(Vanessa Howe, 25th February 2016)


"Very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Tutor was very welcoming and easy to ask questions when necessary. Very helpful."

(Lisa Curzon Tompson, 25th February 2016)


"Good opportunity for discussion and relevant to personal circumstances highlighted."

(Les Dicken, 26th January 2016)



"Enjoyable and expands knowledge dramatically, recommend to anyone."

(Paul Metcalf, 26th January 2016)

"Excellent course with friendly and professional tutor, Thank you Jackie."

(Bev Haywood, 4th January 2016)

"Thank both you and Jackie for the courses that you ran for us recently. The feedback that I have had from the staff was that you were both excellent and they all enjoyed the courses. What other courses do you run that might both be relevant and of interest to us?"

(Sarah Macswiney, HR Manager, Danesfield House Hotel, Marlow on Thames, 1st October 2015)



"Hi Bill and Jackie,
Thank you for the call to say I passed the course, Bill said that there was a spreadsheet he could send me that is required for staff training, could I please have one. Also I just want to say that I thought the course was very well run and will recommend to my company that we you use you in the future. Thanks again Kathryn."

(Kathryn Botting, Billingshurst, 16th September)

"The course totally relaxed me and Bill was excellent. Really enjoyed the training and I also like that Bill can look after both the Premises and Personal Licence’s."

(Marc Boyle, 1st September 2015)

"Very enjoyable day, enthusiastic and entertaining trainer, met and exceeded my expectations."

(Andrew Clarke, 27th August 2015)



"Very informative and will be very useful taking it back to the workplace. A great deal of new information was learnt. Tutor was interesting and kept us focused on the presentation."




"Bill was great, very interactive, friendly, happy to answer questions. Venue was good, what it needed to be."

(Kristopher Speechly, 10th June 2015, Addlestone)


"Dear Jackie, Thank you for your email. My experience today with you was fantastic and I have learnt today things I wouldn’t have knowledge of. Thank you for forwarding me the documents attached to the email which will be very useful to my business. Now my fingers are crossed to see if I have successfully passed."

(Anthony Canale, 4th June 2015, Aylesbury)

"Informative and clear. Plenty of repetition which was helpful. Also time to take notes which was encouraged from the start. Thank you. Also, attention to individual learning abilities and levels were taken into consideration."

(Tileri Charles –Jones, 26th May 2015, Cirencester)



"Excellent delivery, Bill made the entire course experience so smooth. Fantastic energy and good to attend training."

(Bharat Udeshi, 28th May 2015, High Wycombe)

"Excellent teaching and thoughts and ideas for which I am very grateful. Can’t for the life of me remember your amusing comment about women/men and units of alcohol but hopefully remembered enough to pass. I shall be in touch for help with Food Safety and of course if this is the beginning of the ‘chain’ of Wine Bars I know where to send my staff!! Many thanks Jackie for the things you have sent me and thanks again for your professional help today."

(Sarah Brinsley Sheridan, 6th February 2015)

"Bill was an outstanding teacher and I learnt a lot from him, I will take a lot from today to ensure the hotel I work at is run correctly."

(Neil Taylor, Wells, Somerset, 27th January 2015)


"An excellent and well presented course, a no nonsense and informative approach. Very thorough, diligent and enjoyable."

(Mark Ellis, 26th January 2015)


"Very pleased, I felt very comfortable asking any questions I had and was made to feel relaxed about the whole process. I feel have learnt a lot today. Thank you."

(Robert Gray, Monmouth, 26th January 2015)



"Good training material with useful debate and opportunities to ask questions. Good suggestions for policies that are practical and workable in the future for my business. Pre joining instructions were very friendly and useful. Many Thanks"

(Neil Taylor, Cardiff, 27th October)



"Very friendly and welcoming tutor. She was open to questions and created a relaxed environment. The presentation had the perfect amount of info and the re cap questions were very useful. Overall, great experience, would recommend."

(Shuna Beasley, Guildford, 16th September 2014)



"Easy to learn and discuss Licensing Laws in a relaxed environment. Made to feel welcome from the beginning, one of the more enjoyable courses I have done. Thanks!"

(Gill Daniell, G Live, Guildford, 16th September 2014)

"Information needed was given in just the right manner to allow me to absorb all the information. Really enjoyed learning quite boring facts, sign of a good teacher!! Thanks Bill."

(Nicole Ilett, 14th August 2014)


"Fantastic course, well run by Jackie, easy to feel relaxed in a comfortable environment."

(Phill Thomas, 14th August 2014)


"Informative and educational in a relaxed environment made learning fun and enjoyable. Highly recommend to anyone looking to apply for a Personal Licence. Thanks!"

(Hannah Mayberry, 14th August 2014)

"Fantastic Day! I have learnt much more than anticipated and I am keen to get back to work to put certain policies and ideas in place. Really friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Thank you Jackie."

Parissa Barghchi (Ebrington Arms, Chipping Campden)


"Well paced, friendly and inviting, professional and courteous, can’t praise enough."

Adam Thompson (3rd July 2014 Woodstock)


"Very informative, great fun. Bill was a great tutor and clearly loved what he’s doing and took pride in teaching you what you need to know in the industry."

Tom Humphrey (21st May 2014)


"Well run course for someone with very little previous knowledge of the legislation involved."

Ted Wright (21st May 2014)


"OMG I have never got 100% in my life. I don’t care what it is, any future exam – you are the teacher!! Thank you so much Jackie"

Kathryn Richards, Cardiff (13th May 2014)

"Great informative day, made to feel happy and confident by the tutor. Dry information presented in a user friendly, memorable style. Thank you. I arrived today not completely sure of what to expect, however all persons involved made me feel comfortable and at ease."

Camilla Wood (7th May 2014)

"All very well presented and described, Jackie the tutor was perfect. Lovely destination to be held at, good atmosphere , found the course very useful, and feel I have benefitted from the course a lot. Many thanks."

Samuel Waring (7th May 2014)

"Really enjoyed today, was expecting a boring day in the classroom, it turned out to be very good. Should we succeed with this new business venture we’ll reuse you for all Personal Licence training etc. for staff."

Matthew Conridge (Managing Director, Reboot Stores) 1st April 2014

"Well delivered and easy to follow. The trainer knew his stuff and was confident about the subject matter. Would recommend."

Michael Hancock


"Bill was very engaging trainer who had a very wide and strong knowledge of this subject."

D Mcleod

"Bill was an excellent trainer who made me feel relaxed and explained the topics well. Thank you"

Fiona Cannon

"Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable course. Certainly provided me with the underpinning knowledge to be a Personal Licence Holder."

Dan Johnston

All above comments from Cornwall Council Licensing Authority Officers course (25th Feb 2014)

"Jackie was great! Exceptional course and tutor. All questions answered fully by Jackie, she made me feel very welcome."

Mark Kerry (30th January 2014)

"Clear and friendly teaching, really appreciated how Jackie demonstrated the relevance (and gave examples) to my specific workplace. Thank you."

Beth Quarmby (30th January 2014)

"Hi both, again thanks for all your stirling efforts these past weeks. You certainly deserve a good weekend! I will communicate the positive results to our Area Managers, stakeholders and central senior management team over the weekend to advise them of the fantastic results coming through. Again thank you to you both."

Karen Pill, Project Manager, Retail Operations, Argos Head Office, Milton Keynes  (1st November 2013)

"Dear Jackie and Bill,
Thank you so much for being so helpful and efficient, from the initial call to book the training, venue and quick letting us know how we had done was all made so easy for us. I would recommend your services to all."

Cath Turner and Tracey Stiley (15th September 2013)

"Very well run and very well presented. Good tutor."

Richard Wootton (28th August 2013 Billingshurst)

"Very easy to understand, Tutor made me feel relaxed comfortable in asking for help. Group size was perfect and felt personal attention was given. Content was appropriate, highlighting key points."

Rheuben (27th August 2013 Henley on Thames)

"I felt the course was explained very clearly and was made to feel very comfortable by the tutor, it was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot about real life situations that I may face in the future employment in the industry."

James King (10th July 2013)


"The Door Upskilling course will be really helpful for the job I am currently doing.The tutor has been really good and interesting throughout."

Prabin Gurung (10th July 2013)



"Jackie is a very welcoming tutor who interacts well with the students, thoroughly enjoyable day!"

Chris Jones (18th June 2013)






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