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Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse the Frequently Asked Questions page for any queries you may have about our courses.


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BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders


​Q;-Who needs this qualification??

A;- Anyone who is intending to apply for a Personal Licence.

Q;-What is a Personal licence??

A;- After the well publicised changes in the licensing laws in November 2005, anyone who is intending to run a licensed premises OR who is in a position to train other people to sell alcohol on their behalf MUST have one.

Q;- Who issues them ??

A;- After completing this course successfully, and obtaining a Criminal Records Bureau check (about £30) you apply to your local council licensing dept.

Q;- How long is the course?

A;- One day 9.30am -5pm

Q;- I haven’t been in a classroom for 20 years, is it difficult??

A;- The trainers are all past hands-on operators who will talk to you in real life practical terms.

Q;- What topics does the course cover ??

A;- All legal aspects of the new law, what your responsibilities are, how to apply, what powers you have and others over you!! Practical ideas of ways to run your licensed premises within the law… much more details on the website

Q;- How much does it cost ??

A;- For one person £140 (+VAT), for more we can talk discount! The course rates includes the BIIAB Personal licence Work Handbook posted prior to the course, full training, exam and certificate which is received within 4 working days of the course.

Q;- When is the next course ??

A;- Please check the website as they are added to weekly or call us for an update.. we will be closeby soon.

Q;- Who can I talk to about it ??

A;- Either call Jackie 07866 733217 or Bill 07890 519603 or send an email to us via our Contact Us page and we will call you back.

Q;- How do I book ??

A;- Either call or email us. We will do the rest!

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