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Customer Service

Customer Service: A short training and sharing session.


Introduction; (pre”rig”) the training room, learners to identify 20 poor customer service issues.

The Course

This  course covers:


  • Why are we here????
  • Identify good and bad examples of interior and exterior merchandising, Walk the business. Competitors identify and share best practice.
  • Closing the Sale;- Acknowledging your customer, communication skills, including Telephone and one to one, “Who killed the sale?”
  • Role play session, up selling using examples of good and bad
  • Delivery. Who needs to be flexible the customer or YOU ?
  • Personal Appearance, Body Language, Mannersisms. Remember Simon Cowells mis-demeanours on X factor USA
  • Team players; - more fun to work with your colleagues rather than in isolation
  • Who can give the “Wow factor?”
  • Product knowledge.
  • Short Quiz bespoke to establishment.





Current available dates

(Click on the venues to see more location information)

Courses booked at your venue at a time and date to suit your business and staff.

Length: 2 hours in total.

Cost: Bespoke to your business, date and time to suit you and your staff.

Course Information

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